“Dream Team” Prepares for May Conferral

Proficiency Exams on April 13; Conferral on May 19

The 3rd Degree Conferring Team dubbed as the “Dream Team” have started their preparations for what will be a rare and historic degree work because it will be composed of Past Masters that will also feature a spectacular dramatization of the Hiramic Legend. WB Levy Lavarino as the Conferring Master, will release the complete list of the participants shortly. The Hiramic Legend is the acting out of the central core of Masonic teachings for men to have faith, to keep to the ideals of morality and virtue and to stand by their promises.

Degree work will start at 1:00 PM and will conclude with the dramatization of the Hiramic Legend. Collation will then follow. WB Temy Colarte, who gave the name “Dream Team”, wrote to urge the team to “go easy on the brothers.” What he meant by that is anyone’s guess. WB Temy is with Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who keeps in touch with us in spite of the distance. See you soon, WBro. Temy!

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  1. The participants for the 3rd Degree Conferral will stand as I have previously announced last Feb. 14, 20012. To remind everyone, here’s the list:

    Worshipful Master : WB Liberato Lavarino
    Chaplain : RW Carlito Gallardo
    Secretary : WB David Ignacio
    Treasurer : Bro. Loreto Aquino
    Senior Warden : RW Alfred Dais
    Junior Warden : WB Alfonso Iriberri
    Senior Deacon : WB Romeo Pelayo
    Junior Deacon : VW Edgardo Ortega
    Senior MC : VW Ramon Adison Cruz
    Junior MC : WB Arthur Aurellano
    Stewards : WB Arvin Repil
    : WB Luis Guillen
    Marshall : Bro. Ignacio Abe
    Tyler : Bro. Kristian Francisco

    Historical Lecture : WB Hernane Castro
    Working Tools : Bro. Cezar Tipawan
    Charge : RW Ricardo Talusan
    WM Instruction : WB Liberato Lavarino

    The Drama will be handle by VW Ramon Adison Cruz with RW Valentin Chua
    as King Solomon. Proficiency examination will be done by WB Romeo Pelayo
    on April 13, 2012. Though I have assigned alternates, I would appreciate it very much if you can tell me in advance whether you can not be present at this important event.

    I thank you in advance for your cooperation on this endeavor.

    WB Levi Lavarino

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