Benoleraos Prevail In Talent Competition

No. Not our JW Tom and Sister Jean Benolerao. Its Timmy and Johan, their two young and talented son and daughter. This summer, both Tim and Johan competed in the model and talents competition that attracted competitors from all over the northeast sponsored by Barbizon . This was followed by her selection to the most coveted International Model and Talents Agency that will choose their final talented models from approximately 2800 candidates representing 48 countries. Less than 3% will be make the mark. Good luck, Johan!

For Timmy, he emerged from this competition with 5 offers to model and ended up signing with Excel, a prestigious agency with branches across the US. So, everyone, watch out for a handsome young man and a beautiful model in the screen or in the press anytime soon. TJ is proud to be a Demolay.

RW Alfred Dais, Declares Candidacy for Deputy Grand Master of our Grand Lodge

Last Saturday, August 13, 2011 during the lodge picnic at the home of our Worshipful Master, W.’. Sylvester Almiron, Jr., RW Alfred Dais, our most senior living past master has public declared his candidacy for the position of Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. According to RW Dais, he was informed by the MW Gary Henningsen that he is one of three candidates to be interviewed by the Council of Past Grand Masters in the near future. His announcement at the lodge picnic was made when his turn to speak as one of the summer month birthday celebrants came and was welcomed by a round of applause by all present.

RW Dais is one of the early leaders of the Filipino Masons in our Jurisdiction. His dedication to the craft and its work is evidenced by his successful climb towards the Masonic Leadership in this Grand Jurisdiction. As a Filipino Masonic leader in the Grand Lodge of New York, he has in his belt quite a few firsts. He is the first Filipino Junior Grand Deacon as well as Senior Grand Deacon, the first Filipino District Deputy Grand Master in our district and even in the State of New York for that matter. Recently, he finished his term as Trustee of the Masonic Hall and Home, another first for a Filipino Mason in New York. And should he be successful in his bid for the prestigious position of Deputy Grand Master and eventually Grand Master, it will surely be another first and an added source of pride for the Filipino Masons of the Grand Lodge of New York and also of our lodge.

Good Luck, RW Alfred Dais!

‘Twas a BLAST!

May 14, 2011

Dear Brethren,

Yesterday was a perfect day!
We had our JRL family picnic and everyone had a great time. For those who could not attend, we missed you; and you missed a wonderful gathering of friends and brothers, sisters and children, family and friends. We had so much food and drinks, feeding off our hunger for fellowship and quenching our thirst for sharing time, talents and treasures. There were no strangers, only friends we have not met.

I have never seen anybody work as hard as our two Wardens – SW Iggy and JW Tom. They took care of everything to make sure everything moved smoothly before, during and after the picnic. They set the example by doing that encouraged everyone to do the same. It gave meaning to the saying, “Many hands make light work”. They even ordered the rain to fall so slightly so we could end the picnic sooner than later! But you know what, even in the rain, the some hardy souls carried on…

This letter is not complete without acknowledging with gratitude and mentioning the people who gave life to the party.

To the brothers and sisters who brought delicious food and drinks – thanks for the calories!

to the brothers from other Lodges who joined our fellowship – do join us again.(Bro. Sec pls have them sign the dotted line)

to WB Boy Iriberri for his irresistible charm and inexhaustible talent – he provided spontaneous hilarity that popped the buttons from your breaches while spicing them with serious challenges to walk the walk as Masons!

to Bros. Pete and Willie for their entertaining ballads and love songs.

to VW Mon and Bro. Dem who, like the celebrated auctioneers, wrote pledges in support of the InterLodge Golf Outing.

to RW Carlito who – like the photo journalist that he is – quietly took pictures for “You’re on Candid Camera”. Stand by!
Click Here to see Pictures:

to RW Fred who shared his continuing journey in the quarries leading to the inner sanctorum of the Grand Lodge.

to WB Luis for his words of encouragement to move forward with fortitude and determination.

to our loved ones, wives, significant others, our families – who give inspiration and encouragement as we strive to be better.

to the many un-named brothers and sisters who added their portion to make this day an unforgettable moment…THANK YOU!

To all of you, have a restful summer. Enjoy the break and let us prepare for that which is to come! To quote WB Boy, “Never abandon your mother Lodge. It is your family!” Feel free to share your thoughts.

Fraternally yours,

Jun Almiron,WM