20111108From the East

Our Masonic Journey: Not Enough to be Good!

Look at what is happening in Libya,.Yemen. Syria. Iraq. Afghanistan. Egypt. All in the Middle East. People fighting for freedom. For justice. For life! Regular people. Never trained for combat. Boys. Men and women. Never again should love ones die simply because their life did not matter. They did not belong. Tyranny. Greed. Unbridled power. Resulting in pain. Bloodshed. “O Death, where is thy sting?”

We live in a nation where freedom reigns. We pledge to be faithful to the truth, equality and justice for all. Life is a gift. We belong to each other. We have faith and do good works. We strive to be good. But being good is not enough! When goodness takes shape, it shows through our works.

My brother, what have you done to show what you believe?

Sylvester B. Almiron, Jr.
Worshipful Master
Jose Rizal Lodge 1172