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The Four Temperaments & How They Relate to Your Predominant Fault

4 humors personality test. Jung Typology Test™.

4 humors personality test

INTPs are all about justice and fairness. With applications across a huge number of industries education, counseling, business, sports and more , understanding the major schools of thought when it comes to personality types is important for psychology students and amateur therapists. Earth could be the five Chinese elements. Meanwhile, we could do some sorting. In their enthusiastic rush towards the next challenge, ENFJs sometimes make hasty decisions without gathering all the facts. It may have origins in ancient Egypt [4] or Mesopotamia , [5] but it was the Greek physician Hippocrates — BC who developed it into a medical theory. However, we apparently have no such clear statement about the choleric. Also, the gods as described by Reader sometimes have different benefits. While the term temperament came to refer just to psychological dispositions, Galen used it to refer to bodily dispositions, which determined a person's susceptibility to particular diseases as well as behavioral and emotional inclinations. INFPs are not good at criticizing others, but they are great at self-reproach, which is physically manifested in various renditions of the Hulk cartoon where Hulk has an obvious hatred of Bruce Banner. They are willing to take calculated risks and try new approaches, especially for people and organizations they care about. In the late s to help diagnose mental illness.

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    Kant's sanguine character is the one that acts from goodhearted feeling, "which is changeable and given over to amusements" [p.


    The Greek elements do not have a traditional color scheme, but I would take red, yellow, green, and blue, from Jung's Mandala Symbolism, as appropriate for Western concepts of the four elements with no color, i.


    That morality frequently, or even usually, is well served by fellow feeling and goodheartedness is clear enough to Hume, Schopenhauer, and the Kant of the Observations but seems to lose status as the Kant of the Critical Philosophy clarifies to himself the rational requirements of morality. However, if the idea is to map the five Chinese virtues onto the four Western humors , then some bumping and rearranging is going to happen.


    Seasons of the year, periods of life, geographic regions and occupations also influenced the nature of the humors formed. This would give us the melancholic character sensible of both the beautiful and the sublime sb , and a choleric character lacking in awareness of beauty sb.


    Does anyone remember the Bruce Banner from the 80s T.