20111102From the South

Brethren let us express our sincere condolence to Brother Harris family.

We come to this life to grow and learn and be tested. That all sounds
pretty taxing, but it’s not hard to see how much joy we can find here
on earth as well. One great part of Heavenly Father’s plan is that all
the happiness and satisfaction we get from learning new things and all
the love we develop within our families will go with us to the next

It seems so tragic when people both young and the aged are taken from
mortality into the next phase of life. However, comforting to know that
God has a plan for us. We lived with Him before we were born and we
will continue to live with Him into eternity if we choose to follow the
path GOD prepared for us. Our life on earth is fundamental to His plan,
as is death. It’s always sad when God calls our loved ones home, but we
can be certain that their spirits live on.

We don’t need to worry about those who have passed on. We only need to
worry that we will continue to live a life in such a manner that we
will be worthy to associate with love ones when it is our turn to go.
People may be born under peculiar and often difficult circumstances,
and they leave this world at all stages of life, from the moment of
birth to old age. Mortality is just one very short, but very critical
phase in our eternal progression. It is infinitely more important that
we live well than that we live long. The brightness and glory of the
next life is inexpressible. Let us understand the purpose of life of
which DEATH is a part of GOD’s plan to bring t pass the immortality and
eternal life of man. Let us live in the hope that we will enjoy our
deceased love ones or ancestors companies again. And if we qualify by
obedience to the principles of the gospel.

Sincerely and Brotherly yours,

Change of Schedule of October 22, 2011

WM Sylvester Almiron Jr., MD
and the Officers and Brethren of Jose Rizal Lodge 1172

The Past Masters’ Ball

Saturday, November 12th 2011
at 7:00 pm

Step by Step, Dancesport, USA

24 New Bridge Road
Bergenfield, New Jersey 07621

$50 Per Person
RSVP: Please RSVP and adjust your calendar accordingly.

SW Contact: Iggy Abe, iabe@nyc.rr.com or
JW Tom Benolerao, humanquest32@aol.com