20111124From the West

Let’s face it: we have become a nation of complainers. Turn on the news and we are prompted to face the facts of a steadying decline of the economy, high unemployment rates, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are not so different from those Occupy Wall Streeters who voice their disdain for the wealthy 1%. In fact, we are the 99% who complain 99% of the time. How often do we moan and groan about our jobs, our marriages, and our debt? We tell ourselves that things should be better. We ignore what we have and yearn for what we don’t have. Despite living in an age of instant gratification we are still never wholly satisfied.
So my brothers, here is my spiel. Pass the plate of stuffing but please hold the side dish of complaint. Tis the season for reflection and gratitude. As we spend the holidays with those we love, let us remind ourselves that there is still much to be thankful for: family, health, and friendship. We must teach our children to be optimistic, humble, and grateful–yet, let us not forget to practice these same values in our very own lives. This Thanksgiving, we shall feast to fill our stomachs but let us not forget to feed the heart as well.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you all!