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Bengali rituals

Apart from this, every district of both parts of Bengal have subtle variations in the use of raw materials and flavors. If you are still willing to take the risk then you can do so. The sanctity of Hooghly, the beauty of Eastern Himalayas, the diversity of Sunderbans and the freshness of the Tea Gardens, all blend together to constitute what we call the unique culture of West Bengal. Moreover, use of different spices has added to the flavour and taste of Bengali food. The bride enters her in-laws house by displacing a container filled with rice signifying that she is the bringer of abundance to her new family. This is known as the Vivaha Homa. A Bengali wedding is a pleasure to attend, especially in the modern times when every individual and family wants to make the occasion a memorable event. Ilish which is considered the tastiest among the Bengal culinary delights is becoming costlier by the day. She then dips her feet in a mixture of red vermillion and enters the house, leaving foot prints on the floor. The Sangeet is a fun-filled ceremony where both the families get together to perform song-dance routines, and get to know each other better. However, it is not compulsory that one should always go for traditional designs and patterns. Highly spiced, cooked in a pot with lots of ghee.

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    The dekchi a flat-bottomed pan is used generally for larger amounts of cooking or for making rice.


    These types of mantras are for you if you do not like to enter a court case at all.


    The salt water fish Ilish is very popular among Bengalis.


    For this, generally gobindobhog atop rice, which is a short-grained, glutinous rice that cooks quickly, is used, and is preferred to the long-grained rice, because of its creamy quality, and ability to become ever so sticky, which aids the dish when it comes to mashing. Clockwise from top left, Dried red chili and bay leaves, cumin powder, cumin, red chili powder, turmeric powder, panch phoran, coriander powder and mustard.