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Best edge control for natural hair. Protein and Natural Hair.

Best edge control for natural hair

I purchased this as a hair moisturizer for myself and my daughter. I mixed the shea butter with coconut oil and essential oil 1 batch with lavender oil and another with peppermint oil it works great. The design features are ergonomic to enhance user experience. Err on the side of caution and give your hair more moisture. Now, there is no chance of tangled hair! Wet - Feels weak, gummy, mushy, or limp, you need to add more protein to your regimen. Deep condition with a protein based conditioner as needed to regain moisture protein balance. And if your edges are on the sparse side, there's also a black tinted formula that will fill them in Photo: Titanium is also famous for its durability. When Wet or Dry Stretches, stretches, stretches with no significant breakage yet, add a bit more protein to your regimen. Why are they important? Deep conditioning with a moisturizing deep conditioner is recommended weekly or bi-weekly.

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    Flattening of follicles is needed to create any hairstyle.


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