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Period Talk

Best sanitary pads for first period. Getting Your First Period.

Best sanitary pads for first period

The little menstrual cup that makes a big difference In fact, it makes a whole world of difference. Freedom4Girls usually distributes period products in Kenya but realised it was not just women and girls in poor countries who could not afford sanitary products when they were contacted by a school in Leeds last year. Will anyone know I am on my period? Pass on the knowledge! The planet will thank you for it! These are all normal changes and part of growing up. Dispose of in the rubbish bin. Because every woman deserves to manage her period safely and with dignity. How much blood will I lose? Quite simply, Ruby Cup makes a world of difference. Great for those who have trouble getting a cup to open, or for someone that is very physically active.

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    Share or comment on this article: The Yukki cup is comprised of a medical-grade silicone silopren LSR


    Pass on the knowledge!


    How long will my period last?


    We give you days to return your cup to us:


    The cost of one Ruby Cup is equal to the cost of months of traditional period products. This is something millions of girls in developing countries go through every day.


    Each tampon or pad you bin or flush contributes to a whopping , tonnes of waste per year in the UK alone.