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6 Things You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

Can i wear grey to a wedding. Wedding dresses.

Can i wear grey to a wedding

Accessories your look with brimmed hats, bow ties and even some suspenders. Guys can opt for nice, dark suits in a black, dark grey or navy color variety. The Wedding Planner The first rule of thumb is to read the fine print. And as a general rule of thumb, it's better to be overdressed than underdressed, she said. Take for example, this gorgeous Naeem Khan kaftan dress. A wedding invitation is the first clue when it comes to pulling together an on-point look for the occasion. This gives you the chance to peek around at past weddings and gather the best intel you can without having to ask around. Most invitations mention the location of the ceremony and reception. Is calling for more casual or more fancy? Ma said, "If you are going to wear a knee-length gown, make sure that it's in a dark color, that it looks really fancy and formal, or it's done up in a rich fabric so you have that formality still attached to it. Ties versus bow ties -- Which is it?

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    Tucked away at the bottom corner of an invitation is where you may find the clue.


    Stick with the classic look of a cotton or linen jacket or suit with lighter colors such as grey, brown and tan.


    Burton By FashionBeans Editors While stag weekend dress codes range from comedy hats to cocktail dresses depending on the vibe , weddings — despite being incredibly boozy — are slightly more sober affairs when it comes to style. And sometimes it can be very fine -- and easy to miss.


    Not the sky, of course, but to Hollywood for a "red carpet look. A pair of dark bootcut jeans with a button up shirt and a sports jacket can be a winning look at a rustic wedding.