My dear Brothers,

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your attendance in the 2013 Public Installation of Officers for Jose Rizal Lodge 1172. I know many of you had work, family, and other events going on simultaneously but your effort in supporting and attending our events is what makes Jose Rizal Lodge the vibrant and active lodge that it continues to be today.

I would specifically mention my gratitude to R.W. Valentino Chua for your impressive delivery as the Installing Officer, and for V.W. Adison Cruz and W. Liberato Lavarino for your support and guidance during the installation. Thank you R.W. Philippe Hiolle for being an ever present resource and guide to our lodge and R.W. Cecil Abbott for reminding us that what we do is possible because we are “1 and 1/2.” Thank you R.W. Alfred Dais for your unending support of Jose Rizal Lodge and for all of your contributions that has made our lodge as vibrant and strong as it is today. R.W. Carlito Gallardo we are proud to say that you came from Jose Rizal Lodge 1172 and we thank you for representing the Grand Master and his continued support for our lodge. Bro. Gallardo I ask that you extend the well wishes and support of Jose Rizal Lodge 1172 and its 2013 officers to the Grand Master.

Lastly, I would like to thank your families dear brothers. Without your families, your spouses, and your children we would not be here today because the extended family that we are now first began in each of our homes… Thank you. I wish a year full of rewarding hard work and harmony.


W. Albert S. Inguito

Christmas greetings ! ! !

Greetings !

I would like to extend my glad tidings to you and your families as you celebrate this holiday season. may it be filled with peace , harmony , and joy. As we approach the coming new year let us reflect on this year and be proud of our accomplishments and improve on our errors with greater hopes and unity among brethren and families. Let us receive the new year with Hope , Unity and Love. . .

Brod. Albert S. Inguito JW

DDGM RW Aldo R. Smith Honored

Following an historic Stated Meeting on May 11, 2012, the Brethren and guests converged in the Collation room to honor RW Aldo R. Smith, the immediate past DDGM of the 4th Manhattan District and his staff officers: RW Carlito Gallardo, VW Mon Cruz, AGL, VW Rolly Tupaz. Since the elections took a toll in time spent, an anticipated program consisting of sing-along did not materialize. After a sumptuous dinner graciously served under the direction of JW Bro. Tom Benolerao and his wife, Sister Jeanne, a specially tailored barong Pilipino was presented to RW Aldo Smith as a token of Jose Rizal Lodge’s appreciation. In response, he expressed his gratitude and recounted his association with JRL. “I truly enjoyed my time with you and I’ll never forget it. I’ll still be around, so call on me if you need me.” He said.

Invitation to Dinner

You are cordially invited to attend a Testimonial Dinner for R.W. Aldo R. Smith, DDGM, 4th Manhattan District and his staff following our Stated Meeting on Friday, May 11 at the Collation Room, 19th floor, Grand Lodge. Bring your wife or partner along!