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Chinese sign for gemini. The Western and Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart.

Chinese sign for gemini

If you love a Gemini woman, give her space and let her come to you. You can read more about the Primal Zodiac sign of Chipmunk by clicking here. Gemini like time by themselves to read, create, daydream, and come up with other ways of sharing their gifts with the world. Chinese Zodiac plays an important role in Chinese folk culture. And whatever you do, don't snoop through his phone—that's a sure way to get yourself taken out of his contacts. When the Chinese spring festival comes, people always wish their domestic animals thrive in the coming year. Sensation play—think wax and ice—is a welcome try for a Gemini. So just avoid it altogether. They introduce you to their old friends. The great strength of the Gemini-born is in their ability to communicate effectively and to think clearly. People show their strong belief in fortune and luck through the animal signs.

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    Therefore, the twelve Earthly Branches and the twelve zodiac animals appeared afterwards.


    Should You Marry a Gemini? Favorite Date Nights for Gemini Your Gemini may love you, but they also love their friends—and don't make them choose.


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    Others like to share with Geminis because they always have good advice to give. They make great artists, doctors and teachers.


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    They are tiger, rabbit, monkey, rat and snake.


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