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Student Loan Advice

Consolidating student loans advice sallie mae. Best Student Loan Companies.

Consolidating student loans advice sallie mae

You must have one Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loan, at minimum, falling into one of these four status categories: It is important to recognize your current rates, and compare them to potentially lower consolidation options. Federal Perkins loan Also called the Perkins loan, these are low-interest federal student loans for both undergraduate and graduate students with extreme financial need. The good news for college students, and graduates carrying multiple individual student loans, is that the Department of Education operates an established program allowing more than one loan to be bundled together under a single, renegotiated repayment contract. If the loan will be resold, make sure that the terms of loan will remain intact. If you are, or will be, a public school teacher, or if you teach math, science or special education subjects , you may qualify for Perkins loan cancellation. For example, the guide briefly discusses how to work loan forgiveness into your consolidation plan, which presents an interesting avenue for erasing debt. By reorganizing loans under a single repayment umbrella, some of the loans may shift from the higher interest terms they originally carried, to more favorable rates offered through consolidation. The best consolidation or student loan repayment alternatives help students avoid default, which has significant long-term consequences. Be aware of loan cosigner requirements as well. The New York Times online has posted a wealth of information on all aspects of college, including a guide to different ways of managing student loan debt. Ultimately, the borrower will pay back both the principal amount borrowed and the interest that continues to be capitalized or added on to the loan.

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    However, if your choice lies between consolidating existing loans while paying more interest over time and falling behind in your individual loan payments, you should take the consolidation loan. The government defines the needed partial financial hardship as the condition existing when the monthly payment amount you would be paying under the Standard Repayment Plan exceeds the amount you would pay every month under PAYE.


    If you are, or will be, a public school teacher, or if you teach math, science or special education subjects , you may qualify for Perkins loan cancellation. Federal direct unsubsidized loans These loans are available to both undergraduate and graduate students without demonstrated financial need.


    Before selecting a lender, review their application process. Before accepting the loan, find out the future payment amount for the loan repayment.


    They may be included in a financial aid package.