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Video about cooking corn on the cob in microwave:

How to Microwave Corn on the Cob

Cooking corn on the cob in microwave. Cooking Corn on the Cob in a Microwave.

Cooking corn on the cob in microwave

They do come in all shapes and sizes. Carefully remove the plastic wrap from the corn. When blanching vegetables , like asparagus, you plunge the partially cooked asparagus into a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. Some people add teaspoons of sugar to the cooking water to sweeten it even more. Cooking corn couldn't be easier! We like ours done a little longer, but the technique was a breeze!!! This is a guide about cooking corn on the cob in a microwave. Or you could butter a piece of bread and roll the corn in the slice of bread. Microwave the corn on high for 4-to-6 minutes — depending on the strength of your microwave. Step 5 Slice away the base of the husk with the knife and discard. This recipe was great! Should I add Salt or Sugar to the cooking water?

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10 thoughts on “Cooking corn on the cob in microwave


    Using Mitts or pot holders is wise.


    You are not boiling all the flavor out of corn. There is no need to remove any of the outer leaves or silk.


    Be sure to have a look in the comment section below as many experienced cooks have added some great suggestions on how they cook corn.


    Corn can be frozen for up to six months. Cover it with COLD tap water.


    Corn may be stored indefinitely in the freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit but it's best to eat it within eight months. Before using the cooking directions, I pre-soak my corn husks for a couple of minutes, then drain them before putting them in the microwave.


    The kernels should be in tight rows right to the tip of the ear of corn, and be plump and milky if you accidently pop one! Step 6 Pull the leaves and silk from the base of the corn toward the top until it is removed.


    You should peel the husk off the corn just before you cook it. Some people add teaspoons of sugar to the cooking water to sweeten it even more.


    This I had to see for myself. One way to butter corn is to slide the corn in a circular motion over a stick of butter.


    To remove the corn from the cob, a serrated knife works best. Perfectly cooked corn with no mess!


    If you are cooking the corn for other uses than eating it off the cob, you may be tempted to submerge it in a bowl of icy water to cool it off.