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Crazy north carolina laws. Crittenden Compromise.

Crazy north carolina laws

Crittenden introduced the package on December Congress would provide full compensation to owners of rescued fugitive slaves. Although the bulk of our laws come from the United States, we have a large and growing collection from other countries — Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, and many others. That all state laws which impeded the operation of fugitive slave laws, the so-called " Personal liberty laws ," were unconstitutional and should be repealed. Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision in The Crittenden resolutions have been voted down again and again. That the Fugitive Slave Act of should be amended and rendered less objectionable to the North by equalizing the fee schedule for returning or releasing alleged fugitives and limiting the powers of marshals to summon citizens to aid in their capture. In territories south of this line, slavery of the African race was "hereby recognized" and could not be interfered with by Congress. No future amendment of the Constitution could change these amendments or authorize or empower Congress to interfere with slavery within any slave state. Furthermore, property in African slaves was to be "protected by all the departments of the territorial government during its continuance. Components[ edit ] Amendments to the Constitution[ edit ] Slavery would be prohibited in any territory of the United States "now held, or hereafter acquired," north of latitude 36 degrees, 30 minutes line. Thanks to many contributors, we now have the largest collection of dumb laws on the Internet!

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    Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields. Congress was forbidden to abolish slavery in places under its jurisdiction within a slave state such as a military post.


    The South refused the House Republicans' proposal, approved by committee on December 29, to admit New Mexico as a state immediately.


    A February editorial in the Charleston Courier Charleston, Missouri summed up the mood prevalent in Southern-leaning border counties as the Crittenden proposals went down in defeat:


    If not—there comes war—and woe to the wives and daughters of our land; beauty will be but an incentive to crime, and plunder but pay for John Brown raids.