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Mix - Loreena McKennitt -The Dark Night of The Soul - St. John of the Cross (lyrics)

Dark night of the soul poem. .

Dark night of the soul poem

Also, the hyperlinks in this piece are very important and add much to the discussion. Here one is reminded of Ramakrishna's famous reply to Vivekananda, when the latter said that he wished to experience nirvikalpa samadhi for days on end: Such is the paradox of Self-Realization. It is your soul in itself, your psychic being that must come in front, awaken entirely and make the fundamental change. The inner nature becomes stiff, muscle-bound, unresponsive to the joyous evidences and serene intimations of the Overself. It is so at the beginning, but not at the later stages. To examine in detail lesser known aspects and inner significance of this phenomenon is the purpose of this article. Hence arise the raptures and trances and dislocations of the bones which always happen when the communications are not purely spiritual -- that is, are not given to the spirit alone, as are those of the perfect who are purified by the second night of the spirit, and in whom these raptures and torments of the body no longer exist, since they are now enjoying liberty of the spirit, and their senses are now neither clouded nor transported. Teresa of Calcutta , whose own name in religion she selected in honor of St. He feels caught between two worlds, the one no longer wanted, and the other apparently not wanting him, as Brunton once described.

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    Spiritual dryness The term "dark night of the soul " in Roman Catholic spirituality describes a spiritual crisis in the journey toward union with God, like that described by St. In one passage she writes:


    The spark of the soul must so invade every corner of character that the self can only say with St.


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