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Dividend liquidating. Managing And Avoiding ETF Closures.

Dividend liquidating

The argued weakness of DCA arises in the context of having the option to invest a lump sum, but choosing to use DCA instead. Like you, I am a realist as well, but the reality of what I see does not leave much of an upside. In principle, dividend investing is a sound capitalist approach to keeping an economy strong and growing. If you want to get really tax efficient, you load up your Roths with corporate high yield bonds, and keep indebted equities in your taxable account ie stocks with 1: Your argument has merit, but I see the problem in a different light. The ex-dividend date is typically set for two business days prior to the record date. If you implement this approach with individual stocks you take on all problems of point 1 above. Typically, the most common form of DCA would be an employee who automatically contributes money to his k through an employer sponsored retirement plan. That is real money leaving the company and that lost value is precisely the same as the dividend itself. The good news is that for each high-closure-risk ETF out there, there is almost always a larger, more viable product available to suit your investment needs. Dividend Mantra December 26, , 8:

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    Open the excel or pdf file on the top left.


    Sell shares when you need money, and only then. That is real money leaving the company and that lost value is precisely the same as the dividend itself.


    There are even ETFs to make investing in them easy so you could dump cash into them on a monthly basis completely automatic.


    The Downside Of Closures Even if the delisting and closure goes smoothly, it can still be hugely inconvenient, for a few reasons.


    I would blow that out in less than 3 months. Thanks for writing this.


    But it ignores the reality that there is always someone there to provoke or instigate the bad decisions people make, and make it financially rewarding to do so.


    If this is true, how come sometimes a stock price will rise on the ex-div date? Dividend Mantra December 22, , 6: