Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the secured area?
Only members, active or inactive, of Jose Rizal Lodge are allowed to access the secured site.

I don’t have a username and/or password?
If you are a member of Jose Rizal Lodge, active or inactive, please contact the webmaster at webmaster.at.joserizallodge.com with “Sign me up” as your subject line. Failing to do so will cause delay on your registration.

I can’t seem to log-in in the secured area, why?
Make sure you are typing in your correct username and password. Passwords are case sensitive. For security reason kindly call Bro. Amerigo Abonitalla for more details. Other options is to contact the webmaster at webmaster.at.joserizallodge.com with “Help with Login” as your subject line. Failing to do so will send the email to the trash.

What is the advantage of being able to get into the secured site?
Discussion done in the secured site are for members only. You can create a new forum open for discussion. Etceteras.

My new information gets rejected by the site, why?
Make sure that your information is accurate. When entering a phone number, just enter the numbers without the dashes. When entering email, please enter the complete email address.

Is there a temporary access for guest?
We are sorry but there is none. The site has a private discussion that only members are allowed to read. Please do enjoy our public site though.

Why am I not receiving any updates from the site?
There maybe two things that could cause this. First, you may have not have provided your email address to the secretary. Secondly, this may be due to your email provider such as yahoo.com. The Lodge’s email maybe filtered and placed under the Spam Folder. To undo this issue, open the email at the Spam Folder and click “Not Spam” or a similar button. This should prevent any further email sent to the spam mail.