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Video about forward not backward upward not forward:

We must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward;

Forward not backward upward not forward. Why Reverse Lunges Are Better Than Forward Lunges.

Forward not backward upward not forward

Your wall test should become straighter starting the first day you use this two-stretch method correctly. The ones that feel the difference of your corrections are the ones that are going to get better, faster, and with less frustration. I have seen patients with completely ruptured long head biceps and subscapularis tendons due to coracoid impingement. Instead, understand that "the double chin" exercise is not something to "do 10 times" then stop. I have seen long standing pain patterns immediately resolve as medial rotation is increased during GH articulation. Conclusion As I lift my head up from the back, towards the sky, everything seems to be opening up in the body and in life. You can feel that the front neck muscles is holding the head up but I would take it one step further and say that when the head is held up correctly the tongue also jams up into the front and back palate more aggressively automatically to help hold the head up as suggested by Mike Mew. Simply have the patient tuck their elbows externally rotate to adequate degree, and teach them to stay in a relative position during execution. If standing straight with the Wall Test is not comfortable, use the Pectoral pec muscle stretch and Trapezius stretch - described above. The scapula should protract, medially rotate and posteriorly tilt significantly. Which leads me to a new level of understand about social interactions.

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    Velocity is the rate of motion in a specific direction. On a bio-chemical level, I bet you I had more testosterone in the veins and lowered cortisol, I had no issues approaching strangers and striking up a conversation and how smoothly some of these interactions went even surprised me.


    When the "limit" moves to zero, that limit is one tiny moment in time.


    It is not true that reaching overhead must impinge the shoulder, or that you need to give up overhead activities.


    This is a diagnostic test, not an exercise: