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Video about freezing vegetables for smoothies:

Should We Avoid Frozen Fruits & Vegetables? Dr Michael Greger

Freezing vegetables for smoothies. Fruit and Vegetable Safety.

Freezing vegetables for smoothies

Organic and sustainably raised animal products have less toxic compounds stored in their bodies, but it isn't possible to get away from them completely. We need to take care of our livers. Spring is a time of change, a time to detox, and a time for greens. I clean, chop, and bag these babies. This allows my family to have fresh berries and such all month long. This is what works for our family. The only thing I do ask is please make sure you leave your e-mail in your comment if you want a reply. I ended up bringing this cut up watermelon to two family dinners and was able to have some left over in my fridge for us to snack on and put in smoothies. I will plan meals that have salads as a side or as a main dish in the beginning of the month. Usually ships in business days Lids, Rings, Jars, mixes, pectin, etc. It takes less than 5 minutes and then my kids have a healthy snack or a side to go with breakfast or lunch. I know the "good" price I like to get my produce for and I only buy it if it is in within that price range.

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    Too much moisture can cause fruits and vegetables to go bad quickly.


    Step 7 - Done!


    Tomatoes, corn and other vegetables should be starting, too. They have all copied their information form here and usually do not ever update.


    Too much moisture can cause fruits and vegetables to go bad quickly. I try to get us eating our veggies anyway I can.


    Step 4 - Cut the leaves hulls off the strawberries Cut the hulls off the strawberries, then drain the water from them. I bring all my fruits and veggies home and they get a good washing.


    By supporting your liver with certain foods, you can detoxify and dramatically increase your energy and quality of life!


    We breathe, ingest, and absorb toxic compounds daily. Process promptly after harvesting, or keep cooled in the fridge or with ice until then.


    So there you have it.


    Just click the button below and follow the instructions: