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Good guys prahran

Friendly guys, prompt service, quick replies and was pretty quick when we recently needed them. Dessert was delectable chocolate mousse and doughnuts with lime curd, eaten from serviettes. William Thanks Kathryn for chasing up years of forgotten tax returns and making me feel like I've won the lottery after hearing how much money I'm getting back! Next was the pork rillette, confit lamb ribs and beef short rib. There was one particular cocktail that caught my taste — the Black Velvet; prosecco and porter beer, crisp and fizzy with a good amount of body from the beer, paired deliciously with Smokey Bay Oysters. The house specialises in all things meaty goodness, with head chef Declan Carroll ex Rockpool grilling up aged grass-fed beef and dried-aged Wagyu to perfection over a custom built woodfire grill. And what is essential for me particularly: Freshly shucked oysters and wood-fired King Prawns served with a garlic and seaweed compound butter brought a little seaside flair to our afternoon. Mostly because I just don't understand it all. This works properly and punctually. People will say "I need a good Owners Corporation Manager, who you would suggest"

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    Something we don't see every day from other Owners Corp Managers. Kilda Road in Melbourne's St.


    I thank you for your always quick responses.


    You seal your steaks off on one section and then have to move them to another part of the grill and then a piece of wood might fall and that will change the temperature, and then you move them somewhere else to rest them.


    The first is called Smoke On The Water. Toni Thanks Phat Returns Travis so much for helping me get 3 returns done!


    Bannockburn free range chook with onion puree, shamji mushrooms and wood-grilled baby leeks. Don't really write reviews for this sort of stuff but after getting to know the guys here i just had to.


    Kilda Road in Melbourne's St. For that I need top quality beef, so I source top quality beef.


    I thank you for your always quick responses.