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Has rikki six done anal

Eric has definitely been around the block so many times he now owns it. About the size of a pinkie finger. Incredibly intense building and fluidity. Knows how to use it nice and slow and is a amazing kisser. Very dominant, but will NOT look at you while he is fucking you. Sometimes those short guys will surprise you with a huge hog. Who knew somebody from Slipknot would be a sweet kisser? His voice might not be the best, but he sure can fuck! However, his bed room skills leave a little bit to be desired. He has a huge ego now but still loves to flirt. He likes oral sex while he watches the girl give him head. He likes you to put on a show for him, and make sure you leave your stilettos on.

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    Good fuck, loves having his face sat on and is insistant that the woman comes. Sounds like a cool guy!


    However, he has hair growing out of the side of his shaft, so be careful if you are going down on him!


    And will work you for hours every way possible.


    And he constantly talks. Could be the drugs though.


    He also enjoys looking in the mirror while he fucks.