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Home Remedies for Irregular Periods by Sonia Goyal

Home remedy for period. HOME REMEDIES FOR VAGINITIS.

Home remedy for period

Add honey to this mixture and stir it, drink the warm water afterwards. Ive had acne since i was 5: The bicarb soda in the bath makes a big difference, trust me. It helped my acne clear up and after doing it for over a week or two my face showed a lot of improvement. Above are some of the anosmia home remedy and natural cures. I stopped eating any dairy product and now I don't get any pimples. Each evening, I wash my face with Head and Shoulders then apply the honey mask. Depending on the type of headache that you have, frontal head pain can sometimes be relieved with a variety of home remedies. Aloe Vara should be taken by mouth and applyed on the face, If you take it by mouth it should help clear from the inside to the out. This is because of the inflammatory properties. Coriander also has similar properties to other natural remedies which can help you to effectively cure anosmia. You are expected to gnash around four leaves of garlic then add this to a glass of boiled water.

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    A woman is suffering from a headache. I wish I knew if it was contagious cuz I have females who live with me.


    This has significant outcome when properly utilized for this purpose, in preparation for this medication you are suppose to take 2 table spoonful of apple cider Vinegar then mix this with a quarter spoonful of baking powder and add a half glass of water to the mixture. Im 23 n married..


    Inhale the steam continuously till the water loses its steam. Her areas of expertise include health and dental topics, parenting, nutrition, homeschooling and travel.


    I hope it helps you!


    Never heard of it till now. The results have been excellent, discharge has stopped and so has the odor.


    I've tryid every that I can think of.


    This is because they help to eliminate zinc deficiency in the diet which in most cases cause the anosmia condition.


    Use vit E and put on skin at night if it feels to dry. What can this be?


    We plan on her doing the cleanse again in two or three months to see if she can pass some more stones.