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Video about how does braun shaver work:

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver: Innovative Shaving Technology

How does braun shaver work. Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System Review.

How does braun shaver work

Braun Shaver Cleans Itself What makes this Pulsonic shaver exceptional, is the additional cleaning, conditioning, and charging unit. There is a Fast Clean option on this unit that makes cleaning fast, particularly if one has forgotten to do it the morning before. The three personalization modes vary from sensitive to normal, to intensive. If you use the cleaning function at least twice a week a brand new cleaning cartridge should be exchanged around the three month mark. The cartridge packs that work with the Braun CoolTec contain alcohol, which will hygienically remove bacteria and grime from your shaver. The Pulsonic foil shaver is built with a linear motor. Is the Series 7 Worth the Price? The internal rechargeable battery can be charged up in one hour, and will last about 45 minutes, or for a good 1. With a press of a button, the unit will clean the shaver, provide lubrication to keep it in perfect operating condition, and dry it. Cutter parts should be replaced every 18 months, to guarantee the optimum use of your Braun electric shaver.

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    The Pulsonic foil shaver is built with a linear motor. This will prevent future skin infections and irritation.


    In order to keep your cleaning and charging unit working at optimum performance, you should replace the refill cartridge at least once every three months.


    The LED display will show the status of the shaver.


    The LCD display on this shaver is the most advanced when compared to the other shavers in the Braun shaver line.