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Remember The Titans Movie Tribute

How long is remember the titans. Remember the Titans.

How long is remember the titans

Shiva in Hebrew means seven. The last time we needed it, we, uh, stole it from a one-percenter. Now, he's covering pretty good, but I know that he is hurting, and this one was supposed to be on me. Maybe we should just get another room until we can figure this out. What, have you spilled it to anyone? If you say, 'zombie,' I swear -- Dean: Raven goes after Overload, and defeats him fairly easily. She and her brother were put through experiments to make them heroes in order to protect their family. Terra then returns to Slade's lair, who congratulates her on her victory, and states that they may now take over the city without any nuisances. Terra gains the upperhand by exploiting Raven's weakness: She traveled around very frequently. Sometime later, Raven and Terra are walking in a hallway inside Titans Tower, and they both patch up their rocky beginning.

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    As Terra passes by, Raven senses something sinister and remains unsure if Terra can be completely trusted. Terra considers the offer but recalls the Titan's generosity towards her.


    The last time we needed it, we, uh, stole it from a one-percenter. Well, that's not -- never mind.


    Maybe we should just get another room until we can figure this out.


    They end up leaving Jump City, and Terra takes him to a small restaurant that she apparently went to often before becoming a Titan.


    We need to think. Later on that night, the team is eating pizza, and the last slice is given to Terra.


    The hell I have.


    And laughing so hard I cried. Terra appears outside his window, and asks him if he wants to go out, which he happily accepts as they fly away from the Tower together.