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Video about how to decide whether to divorce:

How to know if you're making the right decision

How to decide whether to divorce. Contested Process.

How to decide whether to divorce

C There is no privilege under section See the Child Support Standards Chart. In addition, the New York State Bar Association provides a lawyers' referral service for individuals seeking attorneys in a variety of areas, among them matrimonial law. The letter notifies the wife that she has a period of thirty days in which to respond. File your forms with the court clerk within 30 days of being served with the Petition Turn in your forms to the court clerk. This form tells the court that you have given your spouse or domestic partner the preliminary or final declaration of disclosure. Another common problem occurs in the throat. B The privileges under section You can also use the DIY Do-It-Yourself Uncontested Divorce Program if you are filing for an uncontested divorce, your marriage has been over for at least six months, there are no children under 21, and all marital property issues, including debt, have been settled. File your Proof of Service Have the server person who served your papers fill out a proof of service form. If you and your spouse or domestic partner want help to settle your case, ask the court clerk or family law facilitator at your local court if there are any mediation programs available.

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    A parent who does not have custody will still likely be entitled to visitation , also known as spending time with the child ren.


    Net income is gross income minus certain deductions, such as FICA, NYC income tax, Yonkers income tax, spousal support and child support paid for other child ren. During the collaborative family law process, at the request of another party, a party shall make timely, full, candid, and informal disclosure of information related to the collaborative matter without formal discovery and shall update promptly information that has materially changed.


    If you want specific legal advice about how to fill out your disclosure documents, talk to a lawyer. This packet is intended for use only by a person who believes that his or her divorce will be uncontested.


    Make 2 copies of this form.


    If you decide to use this packet and to represent yourself: If you know you were divorced in New York some time ago, but cannot remember in which county, contact the County Clerk of the county where you were living at the time of the divorce, or try the County Clerks of neighboring counties.


    Remember, you are the respondent.


    Because these and many other technical requirements for the contract to be considered a legal separation agreement, it is difficult to get divorced using a separation agreement unless you have a lawyer. If you and your spouse need help to work out parenting arrangements, you might want to consider divorce mediation or collaborative family law.


    Child support is based on a strict formula.


    This includes where your child goes to school, what kind of religious training a child receives, whether your child gets surgery.


    What is the difference between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce? In New York State, a married person may file a petition in the Family Court seeking spousal support from their husband or wife.