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Video about how to fix bad parenting:

Bad Behaviour (Parenting Documentary) - Real Stories

How to fix bad parenting. Why We Ditched Attachment Parenting.

How to fix bad parenting

Assist your child with establishing proper time management skills for completing homework assignments and projects, reading, and preparing for exams. While she still got plenty of snuggles and kisses, I carried her only minimally, and otherwise allowed her to explore from the floor whenever possible. She had a very bad reaction to a very bad antibiotic and was still suffering some side effects of neuropathy. I did what any freaked-out newbie parent would do, and I began to research — I read Dr. It also made perfect sense to sleep with our baby. My husband and I hadn't spent much time around kids since we were youngsters ourselves. When parents prioritize family schedules and extracurricular activities around academics, students win. Nap time was a downward spiral, and I spent every afternoon for months in a rocking chair with my baby on my chest. The last 4 months of nursing a feeling of resentment began to mount. It was completely instinctual to want to be skin to skin with a newborn baby — our midwives had my husband remove his t-shirt to hold our son, and he fell quickly and deeply in love.

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    As a holistic health practitioner, I knew I wanted to go the natural route in terms of birth, but that was the extent of my plan.


    Not only had attachment parenting led me down a path to crazed sleep deprivation and chronic back pain, but I spend most of those first two years feeling guilty about my failures as a mother.


    From the fourth day forward, he almost always went to sleep without fussing. At bed times my Contented Little Baby would lay down awake and drift off to sleep with a smile.


    My husband, the picture-perfect attachment parent.


    If you want more info on sleep, check out this post on co-sleeping vs.


    Here's how attachment parenting led us astray… When I was pregnant with my first child, I was clueless.