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7 Ways To Get Rid of Body Odor Naturally

How to get rid of sweat smell. How to Get Rid of Body Odor.

How to get rid of sweat smell

Chances are you'll start to see the cleaner running out onto the pavement within a minute or so. This is what firemen use to get the smoke smell out of their clothing. Another great odor-removing product is baking soda. Foods such as red meat, strong-smelling spices like garlic, onions and curry, along with a high intake of caffeine and alcohol can cause unpleasant body odor. We all know that wet dogs are more smelly, too, so get that pup dried off. Then I use just regular lemon oil to wipe it down again. Finally scrubbed down under the hood with Nature's Miracle enzymes and that took care of it. Nevertheless, after having a garlic rich meal, brush your teeth, use a tongue scraper and rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash containing an aromatic essential oil like peppermint oil, etc. There are various recommendations for cleaning the bilge ranging from 2 bottles of Joy to Tide to products purchased especially to clean the bilge. Pay extra attention to your armpits: This is particularly useful if the smells seem to have seeped into woodwork, but can also work on carpet and some fabric. Body odor is often regarded as an embarrassing problem that many people suffer from.

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    Products that neutralize odor Products that mask or cover the odor. Parsley contains high levels of chlorophyll that helps in neutralizing the odor by removing toxins from the body.


    Hence, dry your body naturally with a clean towel. But the wood looked good!


    Some experts believe that you cannot get rid of garlic bad breath until it has passed through the body. Be wary of these unless you prefer your boat smell like an elderly lady reeking of too much perfume to cover body odors!


    Be sure to let the surfaces in the closet dry completely by leaving the door open and airing out the closet before replacing any items.