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Video about how to make fabric rosettes for headbands:

How to make ribbon flower headband - super easy method

How to make fabric rosettes for headbands. 5 Minute Fabric Rosette Tutorial.

How to make fabric rosettes for headbands

These look great on necklaces, headbands, and so much more. After the rosette center is the size you want I rolled mine about four times around start forming your petals by folding the fabric down at a 90 degree angle. Twist the tail of fabric as you wrap it until it is again parallel with the floor. Repeat to make another. They look cute either way! You can add as many as you want Now, glue the piece of hangover onto the back of the fabric. They are so easy, and are perfect for headbands, as pins, homemade jewelry… tons of things. Flip it over and glue it to the back of your headband. With the help of some Mod Podge though, I recently made some using a fat quarter. Glue on your button. Tweet Shares 4K Have you ever wondered how to make those cute fabric rosettes you find on headbands, wreaths, and other craft projects?

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    I know there are tons of ways out there to make fabric rosettes, but I love this technique because it is super simple, super quick, and really requires very little skill.


    Continue to fold and twist securing every few petals with hot glue as needed.


    The supplies are simple:


    I've gotten a lot of requests for the tutorial on the rolled fabric rosette headbands!