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Video about how to straighten edges of natural hair:


How to straighten edges of natural hair. 5 Ways To Treat Heat Damage in Natural Hair.

How to straighten edges of natural hair

Hair clips should be smooth and not have sharp edges. And because type 4 hair tends to be more delicate, you may not want to use heated styling tools to stretch your hair. However, if your hair is a type 4C , the highest amount of heat is dangerously close to the degree to which hair will burn and may not be an option for you. Avoid ties with metal clasps and exposed rubber. This method starts out with sectioning the hair in a similar way as for twist outs. Stretching your hair overnight is another method of hair stretching, only it prepares your hair for quicker styling the next day. Felicia Leatherwood recommends bi-weekly treatment for three months. How would you describe you hair routine or hair regimen? While this can be the most damaging of hair stretching methods, blow drying your hair can make styling quick and is a helpful first step to getting hair ready for more involved styles. Apply a curl stretching cream or your favorite styling cream.

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    I love this product because the ingredients are natural and it smells great. Felicia Leatherwood recommends bi-weekly treatment for three months.


    As the hair is brushed, the heat will loosen curls. This is only recommended in extreme circumstances.


    Dry and brittle b. You can either cut out all of the heat damage or trim a little at a time.


    Braids are an excellent method of stretching short natural hair. Whatever you choose, it is important to note that results may take some time.