Our beloved WB Luis Guillen was near tears when he shared his joy while he invited everyone in the Lodge to join the family in celebration of the blessings and grace his family recently received.

First, Elaine, his daughter graduated in Nursing with honors from Rutgers University Nursing and will continue her studies in the same university towards a professional degree in September. She joins her mother, Ellen (St. Luke’s, ’82, QC) and her grand mother Marcelina (St Luke’s ’42) to make a 3-generational spread of nurses in the family.

The other milestone was the discovery that Mama Marcelina has been confirmed cancer-free! For many months, she and the rest of the family languished in the knowledge that the end might be near. Instead, after repeated tests and reconfirmations, she was declared cancer-free! We join WB Luis and Sister Ellen in thanking the Almighty for all these blessings.

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