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In awe of the power. In awe of the power - Gullfoss.

In awe of the power

And if creation is this incredibly awesome, just imagine how awesome is the Creator Himself! Always wondering what is life, who are we, what are we doing. We focus on what we agree on, not what we disagree on. Never lose sight of this fact. Awe is certainly a topic deserving of further definition, research, and application. Be in awe of your human ability to move this universe, to encompass it, to understand it, to reach the stars, and send hunks of steel flying to distant planets. A world of opportunity awaits you. You are suddenly in a world of different dimensions, transported into the eternity of beauty, power, majesty. We just have to pay attention. Consider what God does for you on a daily basis. Before eating, when going to work, when watering your garden. But before long, they get used to what they have constant access to—people, places, ideas.

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    You will never give up. That realization can be a source of tremendous positive energy.


    Awe is the awareness of small insignificant me—and the overwhelming greatness of God.


    This is for the honor of connecting with my Creator.


    Jewish consciousness is that before doing anything, you should stop and ask yourself:


    The reality of this world, there is nothing mundane, dull or routine.


    You are talking to the Master of all creation.


    Bare, the veteran suffering from PTSD whom I mentioned at the beginning of this article, is now director of Sierra Clubs Outdoors, the arm of the environmental organization that sponsors trips for groups.


    It gives us a new perspective.