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Video about incense scents and meanings:

Traditions Explained: The history of Incense

Incense scents and meanings. Magickal Properties of Incense.

Incense scents and meanings

Smudges Smudging comes from the First Nations practice of purifying and praying with smoke from sacred plants. Burned to dispel negativity, purify magickal spaces, protect against evil, aid meditation, induce psychic visions, attract good luck, and honor Pagan deities. Lots of witches like it too, especially those with some Eastern training Buddhism, etc. Orange - Good for use for natural anti-depressant, and balance emotions. Rosemary - Good for clarity, focus, and protection. Burned to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, and attract love. Many chemical perfumes are now sold as "essential oils. Damiana Burned to facilitate psychic visions. Rosewood - Good for balancing, and eliminating odors. Even the natural kind can cause problems for some people. Cedar - Good for use of self confidence, purifying, strengthening, and good for eliminating odors. Frankincense - Good use for spiritual, purifying, and cleansing.

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    Used for luck, love and money. Incredible butterscotch and celery scent promotes health.


    Sandal Wood Powder Used for spiritual awareness, meditation and psychic development.


    Such as chocolate covered strawberries used as an aphrodisiac, or strawberries and champaign as a symbol in the celebration love. Follow by Email Friday, June 22, Incense Scents and Meanings There has been a high demand on people wanting to know what incense scent meanings are, and what they're good for.


    Patchouli - Good for calming, stress relieving, and eliminates odors.


    Coconut Long been used for protection rituals, especially in chastity spells.


    Spice - Good for good fortune, and passion. Bamboo is the stick used to hold the herbs and resins in most stick incense.


    When mixed with sandalwood and burned at night in a cemetery, wormwood is said to be able to conjure spirits from their graves.


    Vetivert - Good for use of grounding, stress relieving, and self confidence. Used for bringing compassion to intament relationships and to protect relationships.


    Burned to dispel negativity, purify sacred and magickal spaces, attract money, and stop or prevent the spread of gossip. Used to maintain a friendship or make a friendship stronger, creating a 'true' friendship.


    Rosewood - Good for balancing, and eliminating odors.