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Jem and the Holograms (2015)

Jem and the holograms fan site. Holographic Projection.

Jem and the holograms fan site

She is kindhearted and will go through any lengths to help others, even if she barely knows them. According to the Jem Bible , Jerrica can play guitar. She's a hopeless romantic and always has guys falling for her. No matter what you do, doc, you can't contain it. This is a very recognizable look for Jem, both from the 80's line and the cartoon. A month later, Jerrica convinced her father to transform Starlight House to be a foster home. She is Jerrica 's younger sister and co-owns Starlight Music along with her. I like that they made it more like the cartoon version. What if we told you could win prizes simply for inviting your friends to come along with you? Appearance Kimber has blue eyes and red hair which in some episodes may look pink.

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    I can feel it in my veins.


    With a slight 80's touch, but still modern enough even today, and a favorite of many Jem fans.


    She's a hopeless romantic and always has guys falling for her. You can unsubscribe anytime Constant Contact Use.


    When Stormer went back to the Misfits and Kimber returned to the Holograms, they maintained their strong friendship.


    Jerrica Benton is the practical, hardworking manager and owner of the Starlight Foundation and co-owner of Starlight Music alongside her younger sister, Kimber.


    She wasn't very committed in her relationships and tended to have unrealistic expectations and far-out ideals. After Starlight House was burned down by one of Eric's thugs , Jerrica and the Holograms propose to move into a mansion promised to the winners of a contest called "The Battle of the Bands".


    They got everything right, and some improvements. It makes me happy.


    The owner insisted they performed together; they set aside their differences and performed the song " I'm Okay " with the Limp Lizards playing the rest of the instruments and providing backup vocals. Her alter-ego is the glam metal rock star, Jem , the lead singer of the The Holograms and one of the main reasons why the Starlight Foundation is still strong to this day.