JRL Brothers Busy Building Arks

It has been said that he who “carries the name, carries out its mission”. JRL Masons have been known to carry out the mission of the name the carry. In this column, we want to recognize our Brothers, who in their individual lives and in places where they serve, are building their ARKs that stands for Acts of Random Kindness . Through this column, we will recognize our Brothers who perform ARKs – no matter how small or big – that make a difference in people’s lives.

WB ROMEO PELAYO. He has been collecting aluminum rings from soda cans and donating these to a non-profit organization to made into instruments and tools. In his place of work, as new supplies arrive , old supplies are thrown away. Our brother saves them for struggling self-help clinics in the Philippines, such as the community supported Marina Clinic in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

WB LUIS GUILLEN. He has volunteered his services to many people, including our brothers, without hesitation. He is always ready to offer and lengthen his cable tow, without being asked, when there is opportunity to help.

BRO. CESAR TIPAWAN. Has been volunteering in a feeding of the homeless poor in his parish. He is so engaged in this ministry that he feels this is his calling. He is on track to being ordained.

SW IGNACIO ABE. Always ready to run to the rescue of a distressed brother. When he learned that a brother Mason run into a deep pothole that broke his car’s axle somewhere in Westchester, he immediately got into his car, ignoring a previous appointment, and drove to the rescue. However, help to the brother arrived ahead of him.

We are sure there are many brothers out there busy building ARKs. Please let us know who they are and their ARKs so we can mention them here. It is important others to know because by knowing who they are, we can benefit from their experience and help us carry out the mission of the name we carry. Send their names and their ARKs to the WM or SW & JW.

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