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It has been said that the best part of a movie is the last 15 minutes where all the characters move together to complete the story. The suspense that made your heart thump and hold your breath finally comes to a beautiful end allowing you to exhale at last. And so it is with our journey in the East. The best part that completes our story is being able to hear the new Master say,” The Lodge is now 
open and in order for business…” 

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  1. Indeed you are right my brother, when Jesus Christ was asked by the high priest about the taxes, if they are going to pay it or not. He asked whose picture was in the coin, they said “Ceasar”; then he said “Give Ceasar what belongs to ceasar and to God what belongs to Him”.

    When U.S.A. got its independence and the Constitution was ratified by the people, Vatican, realized the “damaged” it has done. Those were: 1. “separation of state and faith”; 2. the power of governance was given to the people. “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people”; 3. the establishment of Public School System; 4. marriage must be registered to the state first before the church (the biggest issue now)and the most damaging is the 5.”freewill of the people to seek his own faith” where the government recognize any faith equally. Guess who is behind these acts – The American Free Mason! Because of this Pope Leo XIII issued a Papal Bull entitled “Humanom Genus” (The Human Race) condemning the Free Masons. Don’t get me wrong, American Free Masons are not against Roman Catholics. For more details I am available to discuss the issues in person.
    Catholic Faith. In fact I am a

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