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VOCABULARY: How to use synonyms

Make sentences sound smarter. 7 Simple Sentences That Drive English Speakers Crazy.

Make sentences sound smarter

With a quiet and made state out of mind gotten through reflection, you can learn, think and plan things in a substantially more compelling way. Travel to new places. This year, 8-year-old Sivasaipraneethreddy Devireddy Speller , from Mooresville, North Carolina, is the youngest competitor. By the game had sold over two million copies in the United States alone. Warner music, however, are still holding onto that copyright for dear life. Cook various types of suppers. Each new place you go to offers new things to learn. What it does is makes your statement less specific. In fact, studies show that social isolation is deadlier than obesity. Different scientists have demonstrated that both tuning in to music and playing a melodic instrument builds memory limit. Very cold and very tall mean different things to different people. Went I went to school.

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    You can write in various ways.


    Allow me to explain. You have friends who.


    The chief advantage of contemplation is to help you concentrate on yourself and to motivate you to know your actual self. A sound body guarantees that you have a solid cerebrum.


    Knowing full well that people would be drinking this poisoned alcohol, the government hoped the deaths that resulted from this would scare other people away from drinking.


    Being immersed in reflection helps people rise above to a higher condition of being.


    Fat people eat accumulates. Writing improves your linguistic abilities, of course.


    A sound body guarantees that you have a solid cerebrum. It likewise hones your focus.