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St Rita, Patron of the Impossible (Feast Day 22-May)

Novena to saint rita. Rita of Cascia.

Novena to saint rita

In this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. Rita's sons wished to revenge their father's murder. She was married at age twelve to a nobleman named Paolo Mancini. He cannot but hear you. The fruit of the Spirit is patience. Various religious symbols are related to Saint Rita. O saint of the thorn and the rose, reward my great hope in you, and everywhere I will make known your great mercies towards afflicted souls. Give us this day our daily bread. With the psalmist I will say: I want to give my brothers and sisters true Christian example, for without this my faith would be poor and pharisaical and all my offerings in vain. According to popular tales, through humility, kindness, and patience, Rita was able to convert her husband into a better person, more specifically renouncing a family feud known at the time as La Vendetta. The closeness of your chosen one, Saint Rita, whose heroic virtues I have considered and, though only lightly, have tried to imitate, has revealed to me the absolute surety of your paternal and divine attentiveness and your immense love for us.

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    O saint of the thorn and the rose, reward my great hope in you, and everywhere I will make known your great mercies towards afflicted souls.


    Help us complete our union by interceding so that we will be blessed with children. After the deaths of her husband and sons, Rita desired to enter the monastery of Saint Mary Magdalene in Cascia but was turned away.


    In , he created a Shrine of St. Thank you, Saint Rita, or having shown me the light which does not deceive and the comfort o God's word.


    Do not allow me anymore to shed bitter tears.