The Ladies of Jose Rizal Lodge 1172-sponsored 50/50 Raffle to be drawn on Ladies’ Night , February 3, 2012 will have three (3) winners namely, first, second and third cash prizes. In addition to these, door prizes will also be raffled to lucky winners.

The Ladies’ Night and Valentine’s Ball are traditional celebrations by the Lodge and has gone unbroken for at least 28 years. It recognizes the essential role that the Ladies play in the fulfillment of the Craft’s goals and mission. As one past master remarked, “without their assistance and cooperative spirit, our world is an empty wasteland. Jose Rizal Lodge 1172 would not be where it is today.”

It will be held from 8 PM – 12 MN at the Colonial Inn at Norwood, 545 Tappan Rd, Norwood, NJ. Donation: $65.00 per person; $120.00 per couple. Part of the net proceeds will go to the Sendong typhoon victims in the Philippines.

20120127From the East

Advent – what does it mean? Is it synonymous to Christmas? Or Hanukah? Literally, it means “watchful waiting” (Latin “adventus”to come.) For Christians, it means the coming of the Messiah; for Jews, it means getting ready for the coming of the Savior. As we move into “watchful waiting”, let us focus of what this really means to us. Our lectures in the degrees constantly point to whom we should be focusing on. We must continually learn what values to develop and virtues to learn. And in the wake of Thanksgiving Day, to always be thankful to the Source and Giver of Life.
There is always the commercial aspect of our celebrations that often distracts us from focusing on the Way, the Truth and the Life. Let us, as one body, resolve to keep the reason for the season.

Valentines Ball and Ladies Night

My Brothers,

This is to inform you that as of today January 24 we have 82 confirmed attendees. In order to give time to the brothers and sisters who are working that day, we will start the party at 8pm.

For those of you who have confirmed their attendance, kindly make your check payable to Jose Rizal Lodge #1172 and mail it to Bro. Henry Garcia at:

233 West 99th St. Apt. 2E
New York NY 10025

For those who are not familiar with the place and has no GPS, you can follow this directions:

From: George Washington Bridge:
Take Palisade Parkway North Exit at 5S (303 South) Travel about 2 miles, and make a RIGHT turn on Paris Street. At the end of Paris Street make a LEFT turn. Colonial Inn will be on your right side.

From: Tappan Zee Bridge:
Take 287 West to Exit 13S (Palisades Pkwy South) to Exit 5S and follow the above directions.

From: Garden State Parkway
Take GSP North. to 287East. Exit on 13N (Palisades Pkwy North) and follow the above directions.

See you all at the party.

Bro. Levi Lavarino
(914) 584 1779

20111126From the East

With all the events filling up our calendars every year, one could appreciate the breadth of milestones that come our way. We have set aside special days to celebrate and honor special events and people . Birthdays, anniversaries, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day. This month started with All Saints Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and ends with Bonifacio Day.
The good things about the observance of these events allow us to focus and reflect on the significance and value of the persons or events they represent. On the contrary, by celebrating these special days or persons, we tend to limit their importance and value to just that specific day. For the rest of the year that value or person recedes into oblivion until next year.
Thanksgiving Day may just another day in the year. But for most of us, this day carries with it a special meaning. In times like these, when much of the world is in turmoil – when people are dying from the ravages of war, disease and poverty, in pursuit of freedom – we have indeed a lot to be thankful for. Thankful for the freedoms we enjoy; thankful for family and friends; thankful for opportunities to make ourselves better people. And much more.
“Waking up everyday above the ground” said a hotel attendant, “is enough reason to give thanks to the Lord! “ To this man, Thanksgiving Day is everyday. And indeed it should be!
A survey was done that randomly asked a few thousand people, “What are the top ten items you are thankful for?” Topping list was family, job, wealth, new home, vacation, etc. but none mentioned being thankful to God. God was not among the top ten. Not a single person realized that all these blessings they receive come from the Author and Giver of Life! Without Him laying down the guidelines of how to live a blessed and blessing life, we are “like a boat without a sail.”
God does not compel us to give thanks. But when we do, life takes on a different meaning. It raises life beyond possessions. Or the pursuit of worldly treasures. It embeds a quality of life full of grace that reflects the generous gifts of a loving God.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let it be a day to be experienced. And if that experience is real, it obligates us to express it. My dear brother, did you experience something you are thankful for today? If your experience is real, you must express it!
Sylvester Almiron, Jr., WM

20111124From the West

Let’s face it: we have become a nation of complainers. Turn on the news and we are prompted to face the facts of a steadying decline of the economy, high unemployment rates, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are not so different from those Occupy Wall Streeters who voice their disdain for the wealthy 1%. In fact, we are the 99% who complain 99% of the time. How often do we moan and groan about our jobs, our marriages, and our debt? We tell ourselves that things should be better. We ignore what we have and yearn for what we don’t have. Despite living in an age of instant gratification we are still never wholly satisfied.
So my brothers, here is my spiel. Pass the plate of stuffing but please hold the side dish of complaint. Tis the season for reflection and gratitude. As we spend the holidays with those we love, let us remind ourselves that there is still much to be thankful for: family, health, and friendship. We must teach our children to be optimistic, humble, and grateful–yet, let us not forget to practice these same values in our very own lives. This Thanksgiving, we shall feast to fill our stomachs but let us not forget to feed the heart as well.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you all!

Volunteers Needed for the Dignity Wall of Vietnam

From time to time, opportunities open up that are compelling that one would want to share.

The Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall , a traveling, three-quarter-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC is coming to the US Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Complex in New York City Nov 7-20, 2011.

The memorial is dedicated to Vietnam veterans and honors all service men and women of the US military forces. “The Wall” is a service to those who might never travel to the nation’s capital to experience “The Wall” firsthand. This 240-foot log, 8 ft high replica contains the names of 58,000 Americans who died or are missing in Vietnam.

Volunteers are need to assist visitors in finding names of their family member(s) or friend(s), assist with the rubbing(s) of the names(s). give general information or help in the hospitality area for all the volunteers. The Intrepid Museum will be accessible 24 hours a day.

This is a unique opportunity to show our appreciation and respect for our Vietnam veterans and all service men and women of the US military forces and their families.

To those who are looking to honor our service men and women for their sacrifices, you are urged to join others and us by informing Bro. SW IGY ABE( )and BRO. JW TOM BENOLERAO ( They will coordinate the initiative so we can go there as a group.

GM Vincent Libone Gives Out “Call To Arms”

The Most Worshipful Master Vincent Libone issued a call to help our Brothers, friends and neighbors in upstate New York who suffered tremendous losses during the devastation wrought by the storms and flooding last March. He and other Grand Line Officers saw for themselves the extent of the damages and saw how the people are trying to rebuild their homes and their lives. As good neighbors, MW Libone is urging us to give to the Brotherhood Fund and to donate clothes and other items important for daily living.

For our part, we will ask for financial donations to the Brotherhood Fund and collect usable items, such as clothes and the like. Start bagging your extra warm clothing and bring them to the Lodge. As long as there are disasters and conflagrations, we will continue to collect these items so that we can respond promptly when the need arises again. The 3 Lights will collect them.

JRL Brothers Busy Building Arks

It has been said that he who “carries the name, carries out its mission”. JRL Masons have been known to carry out the mission of the name the carry. In this column, we want to recognize our Brothers, who in their individual lives and in places where they serve, are building their ARKs that stands for Acts of Random Kindness . Through this column, we will recognize our Brothers who perform ARKs – no matter how small or big – that make a difference in people’s lives.

WB ROMEO PELAYO. He has been collecting aluminum rings from soda cans and donating these to a non-profit organization to made into instruments and tools. In his place of work, as new supplies arrive , old supplies are thrown away. Our brother saves them for struggling self-help clinics in the Philippines, such as the community supported Marina Clinic in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

WB LUIS GUILLEN. He has volunteered his services to many people, including our brothers, without hesitation. He is always ready to offer and lengthen his cable tow, without being asked, when there is opportunity to help.

BRO. CESAR TIPAWAN. Has been volunteering in a feeding of the homeless poor in his parish. He is so engaged in this ministry that he feels this is his calling. He is on track to being ordained.

SW IGNACIO ABE. Always ready to run to the rescue of a distressed brother. When he learned that a brother Mason run into a deep pothole that broke his car’s axle somewhere in Westchester, he immediately got into his car, ignoring a previous appointment, and drove to the rescue. However, help to the brother arrived ahead of him.

We are sure there are many brothers out there busy building ARKs. Please let us know who they are and their ARKs so we can mention them here. It is important others to know because by knowing who they are, we can benefit from their experience and help us carry out the mission of the name we carry. Send their names and their ARKs to the WM or SW & JW.

Getting Ready For Christmas

Plans are afoot in preparation for the holidays. In an informal meeting Nov. 5, 2011 in the Lodge, members of the “musically gifted” drew plans to rehearse songs that we will sing when we go to share the good tidings and messages of peace to the shut-ins and nursing home residents. Led by our Bro. Pete Decena , Bro. Willy Apo and Bro. Eduard Kho, they will create a full musical repertoire that we will also bring to the homes of our Brothers who will invite us to their homes.