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Pisces positive and negative traits. Zodiac

Pisces positive and negative traits

Nobody can "feel" things the way a Pisces can - a Pisces seems to know what it feels like to break a leg, even if they've never broken one. They value truth, because they never have enough time to be playing around and wasting their time on senseless things like fiction. As they are caring and like to help others they can become doctor or secretary. This is a great union. They tend to devote their life to their work sometimes, in such a condition. They can become great painters, artists, sculptors. Pisces Health Graph The Pisces born people need to eat food for their blood, liver and brain. This is truly a great gift to bestow. The Pisces father characteristics show that plenty of disorder prevails in the home and the house will be full of the playing objects of your child. One being that while they have a strong desire for romance, they will suddenly throw on the brakes for no apparent reason.

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    You will teach your child the importance of imagination, and in your company he will shun hard facts of life and become a dreamer like you. The other also has these characteristics, but occasionally appears very reserved or even bashful and almost seems devoid of personality.


    Weaknesses — This can be an extremely pessimistic sign if their goals fade or turn out to be wrong.


    Ruled by the Sun, this sign has tons of energy. I expect to become an author.


    Pisces is also the most emotional of the signs, hands down. This happens due to duality in nature.