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**VERY EMOTIONAL** Father Holds His Baby For The First Time

Poems for first time dads. Dad's Dungeon.

Poems for first time dads

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    Either after school, in detention hall, or the school will be open another week.


    If you don't find the poetry in the least bit funny, pretend you've never been here and don't tell a soul. You can recite it to him on this Father's Day or simply attach it to a flower bouquet.


    You'll have to ask Brody about that, later.


    Flats, nice ones, patent leather, but they look comfortable.


    I never worried about my son before I got a call from his school. Above, a winch started playing out cable to lower us to the basement.


    A understanding heart, A source of strength and of support Right from the very start.


    I'm sure she can find a way for you to pass the tests. I have no choice but to suspend you, for the rest of the year.


    Keep learning new poems and everyone will love you; keep on reciting the same poem to the same people and you've got a very effective weapon for annoying the pants off dads, mums, brothers, sisters and even teachers.


    Winning a scholarship on his academic record alone, front runner for valedictorian without even a close second.