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99 Women (1969)

Rated xx movies. XXX Categories.

Rated xx movies

Clear-cut, decisive, legally enforcable big fines if there are kids where they shouldn't be. However, when I'm watching The Fountain and people are being disrepsectful and talking loud during the movie, or I'm watching Be Kind Rewind and half of what I'm hearing is some stupid kid texting on his phone that's beeping at him every 20 seconds that it's low on battery power, I have an issue. Fap Porn Hello and welcome! My solution is to just see movies on Sunday nights, since they've all got school the next day! A family with two girls who couldn't have been older than 13 in Superbad. I agree with almost all of you; well said. Moreover, many newspapers refused to advertise X rated films. Some kids don't have the attention span for a movie in theaters period, much less a rated R one. I looked back at him and tried to get his attention and he was off in his own world. If you think there's not much difference between a PG and and R you are retarded.

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    People starving to death,


    In some cases, the X ratings were applied by reviewers or film scholars, e.


    Also I didn't go to see AVP: As I said, its illegal for a minor under the age of 18 to buy porn, right?


    I understand that the way you enjoy watching movies in peace and quiet but the kids enjoy watching movies talking and goofing around, who are you to stop them? My solution is to just see movies on Sunday nights, since they've all got school the next day!