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Regina dating service

Emmett even stands as best man at Toby's wedding. Concern for Emmett's wellbeing is raised by Bay after the discovery of Olivia's bongs around the house and her use of marijuana. After John yells at her, Bay temporarily moves in with Zarra in her trailer, where the two make plans to drive to Mexico with. In the second season, Regina finds out that she can no longer cut hair or sign anymore, due to a medical problem with her wrists. In the finale, Bay and Emmett remain friends but nothing more. Eventually, the situation becomes so desperate that John, in a drunken haze, kisses Nikki's mother Jennyne, for which Kathryn kicks him out of the house. In a later episode, after seeing Bay struggle to paint with a hand injury, Emmett helps inspire her by taking her to a replica of 's Las Vegas built by a millionaire for his dying wife. It is later revealed that Natalie is a lesbian. Zarra and Bay and some friends of Zarra's were caught by the police while doing street art in an alleyway. When Daphne learns it's Garrett, she says that he is a player and Bay said she can roll with that.

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    He is deaf and rarely speaks verbally, preferring to communicate through American Sign Language. Natalie Pierce[ edit ] Played by Stephanie Nogueras, Natalie is a deaf student at Carlton who dislikes the idea of the pilot program due to the amount of funding having been cut from multiple programs at Carlton to fund the pilot program.


    He finds himself somewhat of an outcast among his peers after revealing the identity of a friend who had been slashing tires in order to make the new kids look bad. Hours later, Bay also moves with Angelo, leading to her and Regina developing a stronger mother-daughter bond and relationship.


    Mary Beth works a summer job alongside Bay and Ty.


    During the conversation, Toby is told that Nikki's father was a meth dealer and was killed as part of a deal gone bad. Bay acknowledges that she knows how to sign really well.


    Throughout the first two seasons, John frequently finds himself at loggerheads with Regina.


    Angelo later implies to Regina that he would like to get back together with her and that had the girls not been switched, they would still be together. After Regina relapsed with her alcoholism, she shows up at Angelo's apartment drunk.


    After learning that Angelo suffered a brain aneurysm while driving which may have occurred due to stress and anger, Daphne blamed Regina for his death. John later becomes friends with Daphne's basketball coach, Melody Bledsoe.


    In the end Daphne and Mingo get back together.


    This fact comes to light when photos of Bay are discovered, Regina having had a Private Investigator keep tabs on her biological daughter throughout the years. Daphne has many love interests throughout the series, including Bay's ex-boyfriend Liam Lupo with whom she breaks up with on Bay's request , Toby's friend Wilke, former employer Jeff Reycraft, Travis, Jace, Jorge, Campbell and her current love interest, Mingo.