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Video about rules for fighting fair in marriage:

If You Fight With Your Spouse, You'll Want To Watch This

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Rules for fighting fair in marriage

When this happens, take a time out. Morality comes into play when you take a destructive action as a result of a feeling. State the issue honestly and clearly. Follow anger with a fair, firm, clear request for a change or improvement in whatever brought on the fight. Her husband would never bring it up again, but he would bring her a cup of tea. These behaviors often begin innocently enough. Michelle and I used to follow this pattern: Connection Is First The goal is to build connection in your relationship. After cooling off, pin down a time and place to continue. While human behavior principles must not be neglected in learning how to handle conflict constructively, neither should couples neglect the religious resources of their faith in working out their problems.

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    State the issue honestly and clearly. We were able to recognize this pattern and understand that this was causing us to be distant from each other.


    Relationships are about being a twosome and about being two separate people who want different things. Connection Is First The goal is to build connection in your relationship.


    If one of you feels afraid to fight, this should not evoke a put down but rather may be a fear of being hurt or rejected.


    We have experienced therapists on staff and we can usually schedule your initial appointment within a day or two.