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Sex is good song

In the film Flirting , actress Thandie Newton recites the song lyrics in full at a school debate on the relative importance of the intellectual and physical spheres of human experience. They needed a rock star to block me out of white homes because I was a hero to white kids. The white kids would have Pat Boone upon the dresser and me in the drawer 'cause they liked my version better, but the families didn't want me because of the image that I was projecting. Direct foreign funding of American campaigns is illegal and could be politically toxic. There are very few women out there who get turned on by it. Rex singer Marc Bolan on lead vocal. The meanings of this song are debatable. A cover by Buckwheat Zydeco is included in the film soundtrack album The Smurfs 2: The song is great for cuddling post-coitus. Most of the hard rock songs are pretty literal.

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    The song has a good tempo and lyrics are appropriate for having sex.


    Song meanings can be reinterpreted over the years.


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    I like it because it puts the man in the role of the one to do the work.