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Video about sex retuals:

Ecuador Life at its Purest!! (in English)

Sex retuals. .

Sex retuals

You will see a girl having her vagina opened up using a cow horn. She becomes one through contact with the earth and her children. The pain their girls are going through is celebrated as a transition to womanhood. You can learn all this from the documentary. In some communities they believe they can tell if a girl has already engaged in sexual intercourse before FGM. A girl washing her wound in a stream after circumcision. Its death throws are studied to determine the suitability of the circumcision day. The conditions are not sterile. The chicken should succumb with its claws facing the sky for the day to be considered favorable. Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed.

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    A chicken is sacrificed.


    The clitoris is considered a male element in a female body.


    A chicken is sacrificed. Many girls in Africa drop out of school every year to undergo the practice.


    You will see how the clitoris together with the vaginal lips are completely removed.


    The female circumcision ceremony begins the night before with spiritual preparations. The chicken should succumb with its claws facing the sky for the day to be considered favorable.


    Only after that will she be considered a real woman.


    The women sing and dance.


    You will watch girls having the vagina cut open to allow child birth and sexual penetration.