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Cousin's Desire Becomes Real

Sex with cousin stories. Babysitting my little cousin..

Sex with cousin stories

Did you know that? Shana was less than five feet tall and weighed well under pounds. I hurried to the living room to get Shana. This is not technically incest but the blood relation plays a role. Her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock, clamping and releasing like a vice. But a flame inside me had been kindled and strangely enough, I wanted to get fucked again. We went all the way tonight. I knew she liked having cum in her mouth, so it must turn her on to share it. Then she told me that she would need more yard work next week. Yes, would you like to try it? I knew that from when she was tiny, she had a crush on me but I had never thought of her other than a child.

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    I had shared a bed with a girl before, but It never went as far as what I knew was coming.


    Now I was a very horny 15 year old and she was an attractive horny 13 year old, both past puberty and with way too many sexual hormones in our blood. I dont want to sound conceded but I have to agree and that makes it pretty easy for me to get dates.


    Like her mom, Shana was definitely black. Finally my horniness took over along with any sense of judgement.


    Even though they did not live very far away, I had not seen them for over a year.


    Her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock, clamping and releasing like a vice. I felt my cock getting ready to spasm, then with one intense blast I felt my cock pump the first stream of sperm deep inside her while she was coming.


    Then with one quick thrust of his young pelvis, Chris drove his young hard manhood into my tight 16 year old pussy, ripping my hymen.


    Eventually I put one hand on her hip and soon let it slide down onto one of her tight little butt cheeks.


    A couple minutes later, Shana came into the room. Then it came to me.