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Video about straighten short hair without heat:

How to Straighten Short Hair Without Heat!

Straighten short hair without heat. how to: beach waves for short hair.

Straighten short hair without heat

Thumbs down It cannot be all nice and dandy, and of course, this flat iron has its flaws too, like all the others. This last problem made me think about the This last problem made me think about the well-known issue with counterfeits. To conclude This straightener is a good one for dry and wiry hair and has good features, but also some bad parts. By doing that, they put heat through your hair follicles, trap in moisture and take out frizz. More than enough, I would say J The titanium plates are combined with far-infrared heat which will result in a smooth and shiny hair. Happily, it has an auto shut off feature, so no worries about this aspect. It has this great ability to straighten the wet hair and besides, it has many other features. As I said, this will allow you to flatten your hair much faster. By the way, the negative ions will give your curls shine and brilliance. Also, there are plenty who complain about counterfeits, so be really careful about this issue if you want to purchase this or any other product. The product provides a 2-years warranty, which is not the longest, but still very convenient.

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    Plus, the plates will heat evenly, reducing the appearance of hot spots.


    One thing that I love about it, is that the buttons are placed inside, so no risk of accidentally changing them while using it.


    It is good to look for one that can reach a high level of temperature.


    The straightener has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to use. You may also configure its temperature from to degrees Fahrenheit.


    It is an organic mineral and it produces naturally negative ions.


    Besides, it does not have a digital display and the buttons are on the side which means they can be accidentally changed while straightening.


    A lot of buyers are saying that the device is heavy.


    Some models are very good for curly hair, as the plates go through the curls without catching them underneath.


    I still have mine, I call it a warrior. We all had one at the beginning that would not break up no matter how many times we dropped it.