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Super cute diy projects. 10+ Super Cute DIY Valentine Chalkboard Crafts.

Super cute diy projects

Each page usually features a few versions of the same characters so you can have fun creating different flavours, or challenge yourself to use only a few colors. If you are looking for something to bring life and complete the decoration of your house, here are the best gallery of DIY projects for your home decoration. I don;t think it has to necessarily be a beachy look, either. Dream Jar ohrestlessbird Ever heard of dream jars? It is also a fun and meaningful activity to spend the spare time, weekends and slower holidays. This is a super easy craft — you can use any combination of colors — go for ones your Mom likes! Yarn Letter Canvas Outline the letters you like in a board and thread the needle with yarn. The tutorial is super, too, and shows you exactly how to tie the knots for this neat look. With the right supplies, and these clear instructions! Painted Cactus Rocks Paint the simple natural rocks in the pattern of cactus, arrange them in a flower pot for a stunning homemade centerpiece!

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    All you need are a few basic crafting supplies and a funny memory you have with your dad.


    Get the instructions via Flower Patch Farmhouse.


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    Image via giddygiddy This is a great afternoon activity where you and your kids can enjoy constructing. Great canvas graffiti works of art to display on your wall.


    Instructions via A Piece Of Rainbow.


    Image via dreamalittlebigger I used to make diamond kites with my brothers every summer; one of my fond childhood memories. Your Mamma bird is ready!


    Pom Poms Flowers Pom poms are fluffy balls made out of varying material, usually paper or fabric. Easy and quick but beautiful, this jar makes a nice gift idea for girlfreinds, too!


    Painted Cactus Rocks Paint the simple natural rocks in the pattern of cactus, arrange them in a flower pot for a stunning homemade centerpiece! Image via lovelycommotion This a very simple kite to make and can be constructed from supplies you probably already have on hand like your lunch sacks.