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Ask Steve: How to be a Swinger

Swingers anonymous. The making of the film noir ‘Swingers Anonymous’ in Homestead | Miami Herald.

Swingers anonymous

After the orgy, things turn noir. In my clinical work, I find that monogamous couples are often judgmental about a sex life that is anything other than monogamous, while swinging couples often espouse more of a live-and-let-live attitude. When a deal fell through with a Miami company that supports independent filmmakers to provide matching funds and produce the film, Perkins reluctantly halted production in February. Things go south from there as Bill struggles to establish a new equilibrium, a new direction for his life built around the found money. She is a brilliant actress and has a very film noir attitude already. Ultimately, infidelity is a rampant problem in relationships because men and women are often too afraid to be honest with themselves about what they want, and terrified to make the changes in their relationship that they secretly crave. As our casts grows we will be posting headshots here on Kickstarter! As our story opens, Bill attends a session of his swingers group. A prostitute was walking through with a friend. But the real question is more complex: We estimate this film will be around 25 minutes long. Everyone has left except Bill, Pauline and Drew Baker.

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    This kickstarter is part of a work in progress and we feel confident that we will work hard to follow through, even when faced with challenges that is inherent in filmmaking. As a writer you want to be a produced writer, and as a filmmaker you want the exposure.


    Risks and challenges Our risks and challenges: But the real question is more complex:


    The mood of black and white with harsh shadows fits.


    Everyone has left except Bill, Pauline and Drew Baker.


    They landed freelancer Peter Ebanks, who in turn got Miami-based Florida Film House to provide production help and art direction. We are making a different type of film and we feel that with the support of a this Kickstarter family that we can make something that everyone can enjoy and be part of!


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